rEVOLution sticker set
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rEVOLution sticker set rEVOLution sticker set rEVOLution sticker set rEVOLution sticker set rEVOLution sticker set rEVOLution sticker set rEVOLution sticker set rEVOLution sticker set rEVOLution sticker set rEVOLution sticker set

rEVOLution sticker set


We are super stoked to have found a fun way of raising some money for a cause that will benefit those who need a safe place to call "home." And yes, we're still investing in the two BLM-minded organizations listed in our About page, but this is a way of not only donating money, but enabling our fans to take their own protesting+ways off of social media, and into the actual World in which we live in.

All proceeds (money made after the cost that went into the making of these goods) will be donated to the Sanctuary Hotel Movement. This organization was created during the riots in Minneapolis. An old Sheraton hotel was turned into a safe place of refuge for the homeless of Minneapolis during the pandemic and the ongoing state of unrest. They currently remain focused on safe and dignified sanctuaries in Peavy Park and Powderhorn Park. Visit for more info.

A little more about the artwork: most of them are pretty self explanatory, but a few we felt needed a little background to give them the proper context.

Flush The Turd: we loved this take on poking fun at our not-so-fun POTUS. Please, VOTE like your rights depend on it....

Silence is Violence: Look, it's hard to speak on the subject, people call you out! People have called us out, too. But what it's doing, is creating a language and an overall message for this movement that we all need to be a part of. As we grow and learn together, it will get easier and easier to speak, stand up, fight, vote and create change.

Know Justice, Know Peace: a take on the protest chant, "No justice, no peace!"  Once we have justice, we will find peace. This is a long road, but one we're all willing to take.

Have you ever fucked the system?: our fave, needs little to no explanation.

Racism is small dick energy*: Ok, so this is the one we know will be stirring up a few pots. But - hear us out. If you reread the phrase on the sticker, it says "energy"  - this is the key element that should clue you into the fact that we don't care what shape or size your genitals are. Making fun of "small dick energy" isn't anti body positivity, it's about your "spiritual dick," your "soul cock" if you will...  You see, 'Dick energy' transcends the human form... | When we came across this phrase on a protest sign, we just couldn't resist putting it in the set.

Each sticker measures 3" tall by 4.75" across, the pink square one is 4" x 4"

Each set comes with a printed envelope and 5 different stickers~ one of each design. They are waterproof - so you can stick on your car, water bottle, surf board, skate board, street signs, other people's cars, you name it.

Please note: these ship separately! These will come from Maui.🌈 So please order your stickers separately from other Sugarhigh Lovestoned products.

Stick strategically ;)

*Look, we've been at this for a long time; defending women's rights, reproductive rights, trans-rights and gay rights to name a few... Have we gotten hate before? You bet your butt we have. Being outspoken on meaningful Civil rights movements is never easy, but know that we're here and we're "stickin' around." 


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