Trip the light fantastic.
It's almost that time of year again... Summer festivals can almost be deemed the "other" holiday season. Only instead of office parties & gift exchanges, it's full of body paint & three day camping passes. 
However you choose to celebrate, whether it's the full-fledged first shot out the festival gates of Coachella, or a smaller - more intimate summer gathering where the stages are on flat bed trucks and the music stops at the sign of the first shooting star... we're with you the whole way. So---- maybe you pack our iconic "itty bitty tittie committee" tee, one of our velvet jumpsuits for those cold Burning Man nights, or one of our Marianne Faithfull lace dresses over your favorite bikini - we've got you covered!
Look for us this summer, we'll be on the bus, with Gus ;)
Shot on location in the desert of Utah...
photographer Kobe Wagstaff  // @kobewagstaff  
mega festival foxx Tessa Barton //  @tezzamb
didn't get your fix? scroll down for a few dreamy polaroids....
xoxo, Ginny Slim