For each person you are feeding:

1 egg
1/2 cup milk ~ (can be nut milk)
1/3 cup flour ~ (
It could probably be gluten-free
flour but I haven't tried that.)
splash of oil ~ (olive or veg.)
and pinch of salt

Beat the eggs.
Add the rest of the ingredients, and whisk.
Add a bit of salt, and taste.
(*If you don’t want to taste the eggs raw, heat a pan,
drizzle a bit of the batter into it, then taste it cooked.)

Heat a nonstick pan, or put a lightly oiled one over medium heat.
Add a ladleful of batter, just enough to thinly coat the bottom of the pan.

Cook until the edges just begin to brown,
probably about 30 seconds.
Flip. (this is not at all delicate,
though it seems as though it should be)
Cook about 10 seconds.

Spread with Nutella. Best thing ever.