The Creative Type: Cara Deming Butler



A glimpse of Sugarhigh Lovestoned
through the eyes of an artist. 

Let our new Artist Collective
show you how they see the world thru our
Lovestoned colored lenses...
Stay in tune as we start to roll out our
creative collaborations with  hand-selected artists.

We've got musicians, poets, artists, costume makers, bakers and so much more.
Scroll down for our first installment on this creative space-cruise. 

Cara Deming Butler 

A London based illustrator and story-teller.
Her project: Socialite Sci-Fi | A world filled with pink spacemen, gold lingerie, and chic gossip e'ryday. (IG @scheherazade_keith)

Q & A: 
Sugarhigh: Digital watch or Analog?
Cara: Analog
Q & A

Sugarhigh: Friends or Sex and the City?
Cara: Sex and the City, unless it’s the first four seasons of Friends
Q & A

Sugarhigh: chocolate or peanut butter?
Cara: Chocolate and peanut butter
Q & A
Sugarhigh: Fleetwood Mac or The Beatles? 
Cara: The Band
Q & A
Sugarhigh: salad or cheese burgers? 
Cara: Veggie Burger
Q & A
Sugarhigh: attic or basement?
Cara: Attic