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shine on you crazy diamond

a time for newness, flirty kisses, free champagne, sparkly everything, dancing your ass off, staying up way too late and sleeping in way too long.....happy new years from S+L!!!!!

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Shake N Bake

oh my god, we just discovered the raddest, cutest Aussie blog ever! Here's one of our favorite posts from her blog....(the last photo is a shot of the blogger-ette herself, such a little hottie!)
And she loves all the same things as us - native american anything, rock&roll attitude, surf, waves, sun, skateboarding, kate moss, and badass style. What's not to love? We simply must hangout sometime...
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gettin' high with donovan frankenreiter

Donovan Frankenreiter stopped by Corduroy Surf in Portland Maine awhile back to talk
story and hang out, his visit was shot by Jim McGinley....Probably, no definitely one of my top
3 favorite surfers of all time. And to get him and our tees in the same shot makes me giggly all over. (eeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkk!!!!! happy-dance!) We'll have to meet him in person next time with our upcoming men's tees on...
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