Follow the Call of the Disco Ball

It's time we awoke from our disco-nap & continued along on our experimental journey of
bringing to you what lights our fire.....

Amanda Leigh Smith has done it again. This Pacific Northwest shutterbug uses all vintage equipment, rocks the platform shoes, uses hand-held prism filters & pulls out all the stops with this fro-top disco-babe!! She definitely cured our craving for rainbow-infused 70's...
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☽ Night Readings ☾

Smell the sage & the cool desert air. feel the soft glow of the candlelight on your face. tune into the moon. Take in the deep of the night and step into the mystic. 

☽ Credits ☾
Photography >> Amanda Leigh Smith
Styling >> Chloe Chippendale & Tami Snodgrass
Models >> Skye Sengelmann & Sarah Peinado
HAMU >> Lianna Kramer

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