Creative Creatures ~ Sid Simons & Foster James

Roof top vibes with Foster James and Sid Simons from Girl Skin. These musical muses have just released their new EP: Lovemore. Now available on Spotify! Scroll down for a Q & A about these Creative Creatures!


Zodiac sign?
Foster: Leo
Sid: I think I'm a shark or something
Cats or Dogs?
Foster: Since I moved to Brooklyn 7 years ago, it's been cats because there are so many sweet strays I'm attached to now. 
Sid: Definitely cats 
Coffee or Tea?
Foster: Coffees my new obsession 
Sid: Fuck Coffee 
Books or Magazines?
Foster: Books
Sid: I love them both 
Ice Cream or Cake?
Foster: ice cream 
Sid: ice cream 
Early riser or Night owl?
Foster: Recently I've been really enjoying waking up early
Sid: that's a difficult one because I love mornings but I work the night life
Attic or Basement? 
Foster: Basement
Sid: Rooftop
Guilty Pleasure? 
Foster: Reality tv
Sid:  bubble baths