Creative Creatures ~ Rusty Cuts


We've hand selected 3 artists to get super creative on an all-American classic. Each artist was given a pair of our Woody Denim to decorate in any way they chose. 

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for our feature & Mini Q& A
with costume designer & “stitch witch”

She specializes in making custom appliquéd suits for all the coolest musicians.

Judith Pierce of Rusty Cuts

Q & A
Astrological sign: 
Judith: Virgo

Q & A: 
Favorite breakfast food
Judith: Hash Browns

Photo by: Tony Accosta for Amadeus Mag

Q & A
Margaritas or Martinis
Judith: Margaritas

Q & A
Pulp Fiction or Kill Bill
Judith: Kill Bill

Photo by: Tony Accosta for Amadeus Mag

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