.:. M A K E .:. O U T .:. N O T .:. W A R .:.

Photograph by Ashley Camper
Models: Chance Welton + Jordan Payne 
Art Direction/Styling: Chloe Chippendale

A couple spray painted cap guns, a sixer of modelo, a few close friends + one badass photographer turned this project into a kickass collaboration + our best-selling tee.  In the name of fashion, we were able to convince Chloe's lover in crime Chance + our little foxy free-spirited friend Jordan to give us their best kiss for our MAKE OUT NOT WAR t-shirt graphic. After about 8 outtakes of awkward moments + busting-up with laughter, we finally got the shot. Cheers to a funny night that turned into a great t-shirt. 
Hugs + french kisses to all of yew