Photographer: Amanda Smith 
Model: Skye Sengelmann
Styling: Tami Snodgrass
Hair/Make-up: Shontelle Vincent
Set+Photo Assistant: Marissa Winder
Inspired by Stevie Nicks

Wearing Sugarhigh + Lovestoned: Rolling Stoner Crop, Black Leather Pyramid Vest + Studded Bandeau.
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Crystal necklace by Torchlight
Leather + turquoise breast plate by Heyoka

When we first met Skye Singlemann, a crystal-swinging, pole-dancig, hippie love child from Hawaii, we knew right away that we had to do a Stevie Nicks inspired photoshoot with her. It's not just the way she looks, it's her wild child spirit, the way she dances, and her down-for-anything attitude. 
With an Olympus OM-1 from the 1960's with a remote trigger and few old prism filters, our photog Amanda Smith brought Stevie's Crystal Visions to life.
Cheers to an amazing day + a even better crew!