::: LONESOME WIND ::: by Carey Quinton Haider featuring SH+LS!!!!

photographer: Carey Quinton Haider
model: Skye Sengelmann

Woke up early from a call by model Skye Sengelmann asking if she could pretty please grab one of our studded tanks, Chloe's vintage fur hat and meet her in the graveyard: STAT.
This is how punk-patriot Americana photog Carey Quinton Haider rolls....off the cuff, spur-of-the-moment bad+ass amazingness.
I hopped in the truck, drove thru the open cemetery gates of another overcast NW wintry morning to meet Skye, Corey and a wild-eyed bearded man on a hog.
Even though i didn't stay for the shoot - i knew then and there it was gonna be something we definitely wanted to be a part of. 
Motorcycles, leather, cigarettes, fur, studs & babes.....Carey creates the kind of ride we're lookin for.