♈♈♈ ARIES MOON ♈♈♈

Go now ⋙⋙ Cleanse your crystals, find your wolf + howl at the Aries Full Moon.

The entire weekend focuses in on what you are achieving for your own needs, how you are caring for your body, your image or brand, and how your identity is shifting before your very eyes. You move through this weekend and you have officially made it through chapter 2 of a 7 chapter action hero story that the gods have cast you in between June 2012 and March 2015. You are 2/7ths of the way to the new you! 

Saturday brings any issues involving key people, the ambitions or career direction and your part in the play to light and helps you reach a major goal, wrap something up, end it for good, celebrate achievements, or garner some recognition. Days like this are what life is made of in so far as it will push you hard to move ahead on something vital to your well being. Use the energy to make changes, to evolve, to directly confront anything that seems to be standing in your way, to reach for the stars, and to wrap things up so you can proceed to the next chapter. 

Sunday brings an opportunity on the heels of whatever climaxed for you on Saturday and it comes via an email, phone call, agreement, offer, sale, decision, talk, meeting, neighborhood activity, or short trip. There is a wide open door around siblings, neighbors, vehicles, electronics, and writing as well. 

This weekend marks days 6 and 5 in the countdown of LIBRA IN SATURN. After 3 long years of tests and new levels of mastery in all key relationships, we have but 4 full days left next week to make serious decisions that can impact the next 3 decades so look diligently at where you are, who is in the picture, who you would like to see there, and who needs to go, then find the highest road possible to set these connections in the direction you wish to see manifest. The clock is ticking. 

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