Photographer // Bliss Katherine
 Models // Ashley Kranz + Sean Mcvey

We came accross one of these images randomly while wandering pinterest the other day + having recognized our Velvet Hendrix Bells, we continued on a crazy treasure-hunt to find out more. When we finally figured out the author + found the rest of the story, we just about died. How beautiful is this? And these lovers?
Featuring our Velvet Hendrix Bells + Moon Child Fringe tank ♥

Here's a little story from the babe behind the lens, Bliss Katherine.
"I was fourteen when my obsession for documenting beauty began. It started with catching 35mm film stills as the sun set over greenery and the sea and by randomly photographing strangers in the streets, my fearless youth allowing me to photograph honest glimpses of humanity as it naturally unfolded.Very soon I was filled with a kindled passion like no other. As school let out, my everyday routine became roaming suburban streets with my camera in hand, capturing my friends in candid, unscripted moments. chosen for how well they photographed. I found my constant passion was photographing people. I collected film cameras, saving money so I could afford new ones at local thrift shops. My cameras became part of my purpose. they were inseparable from the other parts of my life."

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