Devendra Banhart is known for his eccentricities. His music can be hard for some people to digest, including myself. But with his new album, Mala, set to be released on March 12th, Banhart has done himself sweet justice. This album is the perfect example of a man with endless talent showing restraint in the best possible way. He has reeled in his crazy just enough without sacrificing the stuff that makes him so incredible. This album is full of that signature warbling vocal that we have come to associate with Banhart, but it is just a little smoother and more tender this time around. One thing that he does so well on Mala is mix up his genres in a presentation that is delightfully pleasing to the palette of the listener. Just when you get comfortable with a sweet ballad, he adds in a tune overflowing with poppy beach style joy. Next a melody all in Spanish, so beautifully sung it's like a soft caress.

My favorite tracks: Fur Hildegard von Bingen || Mi Negrita || Won't You Come Home

Brought to you by Mary Cedra of The Cedra Sessions ♥