If you've been feeling something big building towards this week then pat yourself on the back, your intuitive energy is highly developed and you are feeling what is coming. I wrote in the May Monthly forecast that this was Monster May with 3 major configurations taking place and this week holds 2 of them!  So...are you ready?!

First we have the 3rd of 7 URANUS/PLUTO SQUARES that are absolutely ringing change in each individuals' life along with reshaping our major governmental and corporate structures around the globe. This occurs on Monday and is part of a long process that began in June of 2012 and ends in March of 2015 to help you free yourself from old ways of being, awaken to new levels of personal excitement, move through upheavals to some of the old structures that have supported your world up until now, and evolve on very deep levels where sex, intimacy, divorce, death, power, and any major financial interests are concerned. 

If the world changes on you and you must respond or if you are proactive in making the changes, it does not matter. The changes are unstoppable and part of getting you to where it is you are meant to be. It is important to be a leader in your own life, cast yourself the hero and take charge, be responsible but at the same time know your heart and what it is you need to feel alive and then move in that direction the best you can.  If something changes today involving the financial picture it is aligned with a higher power that is orchestrating this cosmic soup.  The same goes for career, goals, ambitions, authority figures, parents, judges, bosses, and your body, image, reputation, identity, ego, or brand.

This is a journey, the universe is throwing some pretty intense upheavals and re-birthing situations into your path over the three years but it is giving you 3 years to do this, it is not all on you in a week (even if at times it feels that way). So keep in mind as your day sets off on Monday that you should look around at how much has changed since June last year and what you are thinking about still changing and then take your steps with the knowledge that the story is completed in March 2015. 

Uranus rules freedom, sudden change, lightning moments, genius, perversion, revolution, shock, earthquakes, excitement, originality, your friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, and social networking.  He is active in the sign of Aries so your body, image, identity, brand, or ego is involved.  Pluto rules deeper emotions, buried things, the underworld, power, control, manipulations, the phoenix rising transformed, death, birth, sex, divorce, banking, all major financial interests, mold, basements, dark places, triangles, and upheaval.  He is active in the sign of Capricorn so goals, career, status, ambition, parents, bosses, other authority figures, achievements, structures, and leadership are involved.  Let change come.

The second monster event this week is the FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE that arrives on Saturday. Full Moon's are always emotional as things are coming to a head and we feel them as we draw closer to them so you may begin to feel this from week's start. This Full Moon will be 3 times stronger because it is an eclipse and it is eclipsing out something as part of the achievement, celebration or ending. It is occurring in the sign of Faith, Sagittarius, so remember to keep yours. This sign rules expansion, opening up horizons, travel to faraway places, people that live abroad, foreign interests, import/export, the law and all legal matters or interests, media, marketing, publishing, and broadcasting interests, higher education-both learning and teaching, weddings, religion, and politics. So something will be escalating in your world around one or more of these themes as the week begins and will hit it's mark by the weekend.  

This may be a heavy week of people crossing over, if a soul has been teetering on the edge of this world and the next, you may see them exit this week with the wave of energy between the Uranus/Pluto square and this faith oriented Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse.  I share this so you are prepared as best you can be if it pertains to someone in your life.

Along the way this week nestled between these major configurations will be an emphasis on key people in your world; your partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, clients, and competitors, as well as involving third parties over any financial interests, the divorce, death, or sexual needs. 

Monday you will be facing the next turn with your Uranus/Pluto square topics and making it the day to have talks, meetings, deal with agreements, sales, and any authority figures like a boss, parent, judge, or the like. You will need to be willing to adapt to some circumstance but you should find ways to approach it outside the norm enough to move things along.  Embrace change.

Tuesday (for some of you Monday as this builds) the Mercury/Chiron square is going to show you a wound and put your mind to thinking about ways to heal it. If you feel the urge to wound another stop yourself and ask yourself if it is really who you are or are you playing into their energy need to control you through baiting you on their level? We are defined by how we handle wounding situations, being vulnerable is challenging to most people, so choose words with care and give yourself a break if you are hit with something painful.  Let it come and try to stand as witness to your life story with an eye on the healing opportunities that will come from anything challenging now.  You may have an opportunity to step up into your own guru energy to help others heal from your own experience. Emotions are going to be focused on partners, representatives, clients, opponents, specialists, competitors, and other key people as you work on your own Uranus/Pluto square changes. You will have some good news or conversations involving love, income or a woman today. 

Wednesday will continue to motivate you with these key relationships in the first half of the day. Today there is potential for some lucky talks, offers, agreements, writing opportunities, sales, or decisions with or through your partners, agents, attorneys, clients, specialists, or opponents, but you will need to make an adjustment when it comes to earnings. The second half of the day is going to turn to deeper interests and focus your attention on your sexual or intimate needs, the financial issues or interests, a death or reproductive need, or a divorce. This will bring up adjustments through communications and ideas so be willing to adapt a bit. 

Thursday and Friday will continue to keep us motivated over loans, debt, inheritance, bankruptcies, taxes, insurance, mortgages, refinancing, settlements, investments, commissions, royalties, alimony, child support, partners' money, divorce, death, reproduction, or our sexual/intimate needs. Both days carry the need to continue talking or meeting, writing or focusing on agreements, dealing with sales, short trips, local activities, siblings, neighbors, moves, vehicles, or electronics in the mix and both days this will mean adjusting to outside forces as you keep your eye on the goal. Thursday favors authority figures you reach out to or career needs in the mix while Friday favors some fresh start with a woman over ideas or love/income needs. 

Saturday is the FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE so you are reaching a high point with the legalities, trip, media, education, wedding, marketing, publishing, broadcasting, import/export, foreign interest, person at a distance, political aim, or religious interest. This may be about achievements, celebrations or endings as things culminate but it will be a time when something can be eclipsed out here so make sure as you feel this momentum that you are only eclipsing out what it is you want gone for good. 

The accompanying energy to this Eclipse involves Neptune and Uranus. Neptune is squared so you may feel weepy or nostalgic, unsure or confused, depressed or deceived, or the square may bring great insight into something that up until now had remained hidden, bring out some of your artistic, spiritual, romantic, or Karmic genius and motivate you to move on what you are feeling on an intuitive level. Squares will either challenge or push you harder to achieve so this could go either way. If you are feeling the lower side of Neptune today go towards Neptune's higher form to balance it: music, film, poetry, nature, meditation, yoga, dance, painting, art, or soothing yourself in water. Uranus is aligned in harmonious angle so personal expressions of freedom or originality are favored as are any actions taken to break free from stagnant situations. 

Sunday will bring some one-on-one conversations or meetings over the Eclipse topics with your partners, reps, clients, opponents, or closest relationships that should be rather big by scope and focused on the legal, travel, educational, wedding, religious, media, marketing, publishing, or political interests. This may involve love or income or bring a woman into the mix. Again Neptune is at odds so you will be inspired by the muse or dealing with some Karmic or delusional energy, again go to the high side of Neptune for relief if you feel pulled down by it. Mars is going to bring some motivation to the mix over making money, possessions, acquisitions, or feelings of worth so give yourself permission to move some on this today. 

The more in-depth personal weekly forecast will not appear this week as Zoe is recovering from being sick. She will post a Daily Here and you can listen here to her in-depth CBS Sky Radio Forecast for each sign that she broadcast about this week ahead. Thank you so much for the continued positive healing energy!!! May the energy you send Zoe's way come back to you ten-fold. 

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