{{{stoners, runaways, ex-Girl Scouts, vintage hunters, hippies, patch collectors and soul searchers}}}
Gone are the days when we went thrifting in our old toyota tercel 4 speed hatchback, smoking a bowl out of a coca+cola can & listening to The White Album the whole way there. Ever searching for the rare (even back then)  patchwork high-waisted vintage levi's. That was the goal. That was always the goal. (that is STILL the goal)
To this day we relish the night that we finally blow out the knee of those faded blue-jeans or find a cigarette burn-hole in that old jean jacket. We'll take any opportunity to dig into that rusted-out Folgers coffee can + rumage through all the patches we've stashed over the years... be it from old backpacks we rocked at every rave in the 90's, or that super hidden but still very cool Girl-Scout uniform. We say, go the exra mile, and give it some soul.