Hawaii 5-OH

Vogue UK April 2015
Photographer: Josh Olins
Stylist: Clare Richardson
Model: Julia Bergshoeff
’70s beach vibes nailed on the head.
Being a brand with our designer based out of Maui, Hawaii - we have a weak spot for all things Aloha.
It's that laid back, slower paced life-style that lets you wear a little of this and a little of that - as long as it's got color. Hawaii is one of those special places on earth where "anything goes."
It's more about "ohana" out there, ohana means family in Hawaiian. And for most transplants, being that you live on the most remote place on earth - you get to create your own family. 
They go to bed early, and rise with the sun. 
They surf before work, eat raw fish for breakfast & drink the mandatory "pau hana" after work - pau-hana {pow-hona} means afterwork cocktail. Seems like they got life pretty dialed. 
~ A L O H A